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Complete School of Hairdressing, Beauty & Makeup
Complete School of Hairdressing, Beauty & Makeup
Hairdressing Courses

Full Time - Hairdressing

The learning program covered over the period of two years will include:

Practical hours

Learners will attend college as per the qualification they choose..  Learners will do a Summative assessment at the end of each level before moving on to the next level. Learners will then complete the practical component required by the Services Seta in the workplace.

Trade Test

The college is not responsible for the Trade Test. This is the qualifying summative exam regulated by the SERVICES SETA and DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR. The college assists learners as far as possible to complete this process but entry to the trade test is subject to the qualification rules as set out by the regulator. We provide the learner with current and updated information with regard to this process as we receive it.

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